2016, Feature Film, Best Man, With Love From… Suffolk, Film Suffolk, Graham Baker
2016, Film school, Peter, Morning Amongst Cattle, Middlesex University, Samuel Ellett
2016, Short Film, Luther, God Save the King, George Moore Films, George Moore
2016, Short Film, Darren, Short Change, Bulsh and Scribe Films, Basil Marples
2016, Voice Over, Charioteer, Colchester Roman Circus App, Signals, Rachel Hipkiss
2015, Educational, Sith, How to make Force Lightning Effects in HitFilm, Ember Films, Jonathan Jones
2015, Training Film, Harry, RBS training film, SummerIsle Films, Tom Newman
2014, Short Film, Frank Owen, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, George Moore Films, George Moore
2011, Film school, Narrator, Hush, ARU, Henry Lockyer
2009, Feature Film, Alex, 6 Degrees, First Step Films, Sapphira Sen-Gupta
2008, Short Film, Party Guest, Player, Green Light Films, Mary Nighy
2006, Stage, Lawrence, The Last Hurrah, LAMDA, John Bashford
2006, Stage, Tusenbach, Three Sisters, LAMDA, Jenny Lipman
2005, Stage, Gonzo, Redundant, LAMDA, Jamie Harper
2005, Stage, Henry VI, Wars of the Roses, LAMDA, Adam Meggido


Location: Norwich
Height: 6’1″ (185cm)
Weight: 10st. 8lb (67kg)
Playing Age: 16-30 years
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Light/Mid Brown
Hair Length: Mid Length
CV: Spotlight